March 3, 2013

Granny's Attic Afghan

I can't even quite remember when I started this next project that I'll share here. Do you have any like that? I used to keep track of my stitching projects in a red spiral notebook, and I rotated them every 10 hours. That was a long while ago. I guess it was helpful in that it was easier to track time spent on a project, and also it helped me see when they were started.  It also helped in making sure that all projects got a bit of work done on them throughout the  year.

I do recall buying the Granny's Attic by Sue Hillis book while on vacation in the midwest, and I am quite sure that I started it about...brace yourself as it seems unreal...twenty years ago! Can that be? I think so.

So the book I bought in that quaint midwestern town was Granny's Attic by Sue Hillis. I added a few Sam Hawkins patterns to the project, as the finished afghan contains twenty squares. I opted to use these additional patterns instead of repeating Sue Hillis' ten patterns. I changed colors in the Sam Hawkins patterns to make them all in the same color family. The colors are now appearing very much like an homage to the 90's. I'm not happy about it, but that's how it is with style when you spend almost half your life on a project.  Wow, that sounds hopeless. You'd think I were building or creating something stupendous to have it take that much time. (Let's forget the years it has spent in a craft chest of drawers!)

Here are the Sue Hillis patterns I've placed on the project:

Here are the patterns I've added from the book called Sam Hawkins 501 Favorite Crosstitch Designs:

So I've got 12 squares down, 8 to go. I guess it's time I really get going on this one!

Do you have any old projects? How do you motivate yourself to finish them? Please send me some hints.

Thanks for stopping by today!


  1. I am REALLY appreciating your comments! It makes me happy to "see" you again and to remember to visit you here. I've loved looking at what you're up to, and am inspired to get a project going that I keep on my countertop where I have no excuse. As if I need an excuse to do something I love that is good for me.

    A year ago this month I told my husband (of then 39 years) that I didn't want to be married any more. He admitted we hadn't been married in years (I say ever, but not going to split hairs at this point). But we are going through what is, I've learned, called a "Baby Boomer Breakup." Our finances are so intertwined and, because of the economy so fragile, that we can't afford not to maintain the status quo. That's all right with me. Three years ago someone put me onto a path of self exploration that has really helped me (read: changed my life) and I'm happier than I've ever been. But I'm also feeling things more deeply, so when I have these lonesome times, they hit me really hard.

    So again, thank you for taking the time to post a message. It really does help.

    And now, to finish posting progress report grades, go to staff meeting (even though I had to take a sick day for a mammogram). Then, tonight I take for ME! And thanks to you, THERE WILL BE STITCHING.

    Have a great week,


  2. Thanks for your kind comments. I'm sorry for all you are going through right now! I hope you got a chance to stitch a bit last evening. :)


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