June 24, 2015

Finally, Some Stitching

It has been a busy almost two months. Between work, non-stitching fun stuff,  and home responsibilities I haven't had much time to enjoy any stitching. Finally, that has changed as I have a break from work for awhile. I've found a bit of time to stitch, and I want to share the updates today.

I've been working on Rosewood Manor's Quaker Diamonds.  The designer's name is Karen Kluba. I'm using Valdani threads for this one. I started this one two years ago, but I have had a few other projects going at the same time.

I switched some initials so that my husband's and my initials could appear here, together: 

After finishing one portion I noted a mistake I made in a stitch's placement. I am leaving it as is, to add to the "character" of the piece. 

Thanks for stopping by today!