August 18, 2013

New Stash- Village of Hawk Run Hollow

Village of Hawk Run Hollow - Blocks 01-06 by Positano2005

The beautiful stitching above was done by Positano2005 and was shared on Flickr. Please click on the image to see more of Positano's (Concetta's) beautiful work.  I love the colors, writing, and how it all fits together so nicely. This is not the entire pattern, but it gives you an idea what it looks like. (Although I just bet you have seen it somewhere!)

I purchased this pattern last weekend for future stitching. I also have Houses of Hawk Run Hollow in my pile of patterns for the future. Someday, someday!

I have been too busy lately to stitch. I'm back at work full time and then some, but soon I will find time to work on something.

My deepest thanks go to  Positano  for sharing your fine work on Flickr and for inspiring me to get going with my work.

Thanks for stopping by today!