September 21, 2013

Stoney Creek: Home for the Holidays

This piece took me a long time to finish. I started it in 1987, perhaps, and finished it in 2003. I still need to get it framed! Do you have any pieces like that?

I got this pattern as a freebie from Stoney Creek.

I have been extremely busy with my job these days. No time for stitching. Hopefully soon!

Thanks for stopping by today.

September 2, 2013

Eddie Relaxing & No Time to Stitch

Eddie Taking a Dip by Loves2Stitch2
Eddie Taking a Dip, a photo by Loves2Stitch2 on Flickr.
We had to find another home for our dog about a year and a half ago. Oh how I miss him. It was a rather complicated yet simple issue, but I am happy to know he is rehomed in a perfect place for his breed and leanings.

Nothing stitching related for now as I have been too busy with work to even pick up my needle! What are you stitching today?  Enjoy and stitch a bit for me.