March 28, 2014

Finally Done-The Afghan

I am amazed to say I have FINALLY finished the Lady Elizabeth afghan I started in 1990.  I have written about the afghan again and again, and here I tried to convey why I felt I must finish it. At this point it really doesn't much match our decorating plan, but I will display it in our guest room. Our guest room includes a very antique bed, so it will fit well into that scheme.

Here is the afghan's final square:
After I completed stitching this piece, I had to unravel the outer threads, and begin the process of knotting all the outside threads. I was thrilled to be at this point and just about finished knotting:

One more view of the afghan:

 Link to the afghan photo set on Flickr: Afghan Photos

So glad to finally be done with this project. Do you have any projects you long to finish? It sure is great to be done with it on this lovely spring evening.

Thanks for stopping by today! 

March 9, 2014

Afghan WIP-- 19 down, 1 left

I started stitching on my Lady Elizabeth afghan in 1990. That's a long time ago. My children are now 30 and 27 years old. When I started it, they were 7 and 4.  That sure brings it home.

I hadn't stitched since early January, but a head cold forced me to stay home and miss out on some fun outings and instead work on paperwork for my job. When that was pretty much done, I felt motivated to drag out my afghan and get to it.

I pulled out the afghan, and on the square I started in January I found this

image by Loves2Stitch2

March 2, 2014


Hydrangea by Loves2Stitch2
Hydrangea, a photo by Loves2Stitch2 on Flickr.

I can't believe I didn't post at all during the month of February. Where did the month go?

It was busy with work activities, family illnesses and recoveries, family fun, and fun with friends.  I wish I had time to stitch, but I didn't. 

Hope to get some stitching in soon, but for now I am happy to share an old photo I took of our hydrangea bush at our previous home.

Happy Sunday to all of you! What are you working on right now? Please stitch some for me.