March 28, 2014

Finally Done-The Afghan

I am amazed to say I have FINALLY finished the Lady Elizabeth afghan I started in 1990.  I have written about the afghan again and again, and here I tried to convey why I felt I must finish it. At this point it really doesn't much match our decorating plan, but I will display it in our guest room. Our guest room includes a very antique bed, so it will fit well into that scheme.

Here is the afghan's final square:
After I completed stitching this piece, I had to unravel the outer threads, and begin the process of knotting all the outside threads. I was thrilled to be at this point and just about finished knotting:

One more view of the afghan:

 Link to the afghan photo set on Flickr: Afghan Photos

So glad to finally be done with this project. Do you have any projects you long to finish? It sure is great to be done with it on this lovely spring evening.

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  1. Congrats on finishing! You must be thrilled. It looks like it's very pretty.

  2. Oh, a HUGE and heartfelt Congratulations!!! That you have finally finished - despite all the setbacks through the years (the missing patterns, etc.) is a remarkable accomplishment, and is incredibly inspiring! Your afghan looks very lovely and truly vintage (in a good way!), and should go really well with your antique bedframe. I love how you added your name and the the dates in the last square, and the tasseled edging is very pretty. Well done!!!

  3. Thanks so much for your comments, Annie and Aurelia.

  4. Oh hurray and big congratulations to you! It must feel fantastic to get this finished at last! My oldest project was started in 1980 and I hope to finish it this year!

  5. Congratulations on a job well done! It is so beautiful and has not at all suffered from the changes from your original design plan. I admire how you were able to incorporate designs from so many resources. Well done, dear friend!

  6. Thanks, my dear friend Ludic Kat. :) It was great to have it done, and great to be able to share it with you in person!


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