April 27, 2014

My Friend K and Her Stitching-- With A WIP of Mine

My friend K and I met when our children were just toddlers. Our oldest children are now married with preschool age children of their own.  Our friendship has endured for over thirty years, and we've gone through a lot of life's rewarding and at times challenging journeys together. I deeply love and care for my friend K, and I am so excited that we now live closer to each other than ever before. We always wish we had more time together, but despite not seeing each other as often as we would like to we have a bond of the heart.   On top of our 'girlfriend time' friendship, we are friends as couples so that adds even more to a wonderful friendship. Lots of great times are had! I recall too how caring K and her husband have been to us during the sad parts of our lives and how much that has meant to us.

Besides sharing both happy and sad times together as young moms and now as grandmothers, we have shared a love of stitching through the years. K recently finished a gorgeous piece called Forest by Satsuma Street.
She has allowed me to share it here with you, and I am so happy to do so now.  I love this designer's work, and you will too! The colors are beautiful and inviting. This piece looks even more striking and lovely in person than it does here. K plans on turning this piece into a lovely pillow.

My dear friend K and I are stitching the piece below together. I don't recall though if we've ever actually sat and stitched at the same time!  It's Karen Kluba's Quaker Diamonds.  We purchased our patterns together at our wonderful local needlework store, and we even received our special threads together. I finally had a bit of time to work on it a few weeks ago.

Here are a few of my progress pics of this one:

I am thoroughly enjoying this one, and hope to get to it soon.

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  1. Beautiful Progress on your WIP.....the colors are so pretty....Your friend did a fantastic job on her WIP too...love the colors in this one as well.

    Happy Stitching
    Linda K, Railroad

  2. Thanks for your kind words, Linda. :)


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