August 27, 2015

Quaker Diamonds Update

Summer is slowly drawing to a close, although the weather here has been extremely hot lately. I enjoy each and every season, but I will be somewhat relieved when I feel the crispness in the air that only lovely autumn seems to bring to us.

I have stitched a bit, so I wanted to share that progress today.  I presently only have three WIPs, and truly I have only worked on Quaker Diamonds for quite some time now.  I just don't feel like working on anything else.

In June this is more or less what the project looked like:

I have finished the interior of the large section under the R S, although my recent photos don't quite show that progress in much detail.  Here are the latest progress pictures:

To the right of the M in the photo above is a bit of the large diamond that's under the R S section. 

I took this photo after my last bit of stitching:

Slowly, slowly, stitch by is getting completed. I stitched some in hand as well as using my Q-snaps and lap stand for other parts.  Up until a few years ago I exclusively stitched in hand, and I rather enjoyed returning to that again.

I hope your day is lovely, and thanks for stopping by today!