February 16, 2016

More Mary Ann Blackburn WIP

It was wonderfully cool and brisk here a few weeks ago, and we found that to be very enjoyable. Now that has changed completely. Today it got up to ninety degrees.

I am still working on Mary Ann Blackburn.  I'm enjoying this one, and it will be done in a relatively short time compared to my pieces that are over a decade old.

Here it is now:

I think I am actually past the halfway done point on this one!

We did get a nice crop of lemons and avocados on Sunday.  These trees in our backyard are quite wonderful, and have been there for years and years.  There are still dozens of lemons on the tree, so I'll be picking more tomorrow.

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February 3, 2016

Mary Ann Blackburn Update

Springtime in our Yard- 2013

Looking forward to spring as it's been truly cool lately in our area.  I hope the yard blooms as it did a few years ago, as shown above. Flowers in our yard make my heart soar!

We are not accustomed to temperatures that approach freezing around here. (overnight, not during the day, of course)  I am not used to even wearing long sleeves, much less sweaters in the house. Crop pants are my cup of tea, in fact. 

 On a stitchy note, I've been working happily along on Mary Ann Blackburn. Yesterday I got to stitch along nicely while watching Jane Austen's Persuasion on YouTube.  

The colors of this piece are turning out so nicely, and I must drag out the finer camera to take a better photo for my next update.   Sharing my progress today as taken on my 'simpler' camera:

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