July 23, 2014

Fruit Bellpull Progress

Summer is flying by so quickly.  My break from my job is almost over, in fact. I can't believe it.

With that being said, after a very long break of perhaps seven years, I stitched some on Teresa Wentzler's Fruit Bellpull.  I had seen this stitched in person at a local stitch group, and it was awe inspiring, to say the very least. The colors are exceptional-- so many blends and gradations of color.  At the time I saw it, the pattern was out of print and difficult to locate.  I finally found one on the Teresa Wentzler Bulletin Board and I happily purchased it.  It actually was shipped to me from another country, so it is thus one of my most treasured patterns.  Teresa Wentzler's work is amazing.

 I pulled out my threadbox for this piece, and also my box of envelopes where I have some blends in small envelopes.

 Here is a photo of the color key, just to give an idea of the amount of colors in this piece.

When I started on the piece it was very difficult to find my place. On top of that, I had highlighted my working copy as to where I'd stitched, but I didn't highlight it accurately way back when. It was rather challenging in every way possible to know where to go. I have heard people say the grapes are the hardest part, and that is of course where I left off seven years ago.  These photos show a bit of the piece, and a bit of progress:

A few more views, and a view of the peaches which include the backstitching:

Some of my stitching doesn't look up to par to me, but it will do!

I have moved on to my next WIP which is Oberlin Samplers Minnesota Sampler . After a short while on that one, I will go back to this beautiful pattern.

Thanks for stopping by today.

July 7, 2014

Quaker Diamonds Progress

I have been so fortunate lately as I've had time to actually get some great stitching time into my day. Ah, summer, how I love you!

I worked on Quaker Diamonds this past week, and here's my progress thus far:

I am now moving onto another WIP.  I think I will pull out Theresa Wentzler's Fruit Bellpull. I haven't worked on that one in years, and it's time to get some progress added to it.  It has a lot of blended needles so progress can be a bit slow, but the results are so worth it!

I have decided to go back to rotating my projects as I did years ago, so that way each of my five projects will get a bit of stitching on them on a more 'regular' basis.

Happy Stitching!

July 5, 2014

Some New Stash , etc.

I hope you had a great 4th of July, for those of you who celebrate it.  It's a fun holiday. I stitched this piece for my son long ago, and it hung in his room for years. Recently it has been displayed in my classroom.  It was a fun stitch from the now long gone CrossQuick magazine.  It's called simply "Patriotic Sampler".

I recall I was working on it in a public place way back when, which is something I don't do anymore. I require too many pairs of glasses to stitch away in a public place! I was working on this piece in a haircut place, in fact,  in our town whilst my son was getting his haircut. He was about seven at the time. There was a group home in the same haircut place, and I recall one of the young boys from the home watching me as I stitched. He was probably only about 12 or 13.  He was mesmerized by what I was doing, and he was so happy to know I was making it for my little son, who is now 28 years old.  He seemed so touched that anyone would take the time to do this. It makes me wonder how little love or attention he probably ever received from anyone, and I will never forget his face as he watched me work on this little sampler.  I could be wrong, but knowing he lived in a group home setting made me think that perhaps he'd received little attention from his family. I could have been completely wrong, of course, in my assuming such a thing about him.  It was the way he went on about me making this for my son that made me think just that thought.

And now shifting gears completely....

I also recently acquired a new pattern.  I certainly didn't 'need' it, but it sure is fun to think about what one can stitch in the future. It is from Bygone Stitches, and it is Quaker Christmas II- Songs of the Season. Here's a link to the pattern, and it's shown on the page of a great company from which to purchase items online.  

I have been working on Quaker Diamonds a bit more each day. An  update will be posted soon!

I hope you are enjoying this beautiful summer day.  

July 2, 2014

Sweet July- Quaker Diamonds Progress

Time is flying by quickly, and soon I will back at work. I have not been a very good blogger, have I?

I have managed to stitch a few hours during June. I also dragged out my old rotation notebook, so now I can track stitching time and spend a bit of time on each of my five projects.  One or more was started back in 2003 or perhaps earlier, so I guess it's time to get moving on those very old ones.

Here is a recent photo of Quaker Diamonds. I've done a bit more work after this one was taken, but you get the idea of how it's coming along. It's a fun stitch!  Please forgive the quality of the photo:

During June we took a short road trip across our state and into another state. It was a great time, but I am such a homebody I am always thrilled to get home.  I didn't stitch on my trip, in case you were wondering. I did bring it along 'in case', but never had the chance.

Some photos of our trip:

A beautiful planter at one of the places we stayed. I hope to do these sorts of succulents in one of our planters.

The Golden Gate Bridge

Homes in San Francisco- love the colors

The California coast near Pacific Grove

A fun place to eat in Carmel 

Dogs are allowed everywhere in Carmel.  Here's a pooch enjoying
a meal with its owner.

Even though it was fun to get away, it was grand to come home. We've been working in the yard a lot this summer, and we're enjoying all the colors out our window.

Thanks for stopping by today. What are you working on lately?