July 2, 2014

Sweet July- Quaker Diamonds Progress

Time is flying by quickly, and soon I will back at work. I have not been a very good blogger, have I?

I have managed to stitch a few hours during June. I also dragged out my old rotation notebook, so now I can track stitching time and spend a bit of time on each of my five projects.  One or more was started back in 2003 or perhaps earlier, so I guess it's time to get moving on those very old ones.

Here is a recent photo of Quaker Diamonds. I've done a bit more work after this one was taken, but you get the idea of how it's coming along. It's a fun stitch!  Please forgive the quality of the photo:

During June we took a short road trip across our state and into another state. It was a great time, but I am such a homebody I am always thrilled to get home.  I didn't stitch on my trip, in case you were wondering. I did bring it along 'in case', but never had the chance.

Some photos of our trip:

A beautiful planter at one of the places we stayed. I hope to do these sorts of succulents in one of our planters.

The Golden Gate Bridge

Homes in San Francisco- love the colors

The California coast near Pacific Grove

A fun place to eat in Carmel 

Dogs are allowed everywhere in Carmel.  Here's a pooch enjoying
a meal with its owner.

Even though it was fun to get away, it was grand to come home. We've been working in the yard a lot this summer, and we're enjoying all the colors out our window.

Thanks for stopping by today. What are you working on lately?


  1. I just love all of your photos at the top of your Blog...they are so pretty and so very colorful. Your Stitching looks great. I love your photos of San Francisco...

    I am stitching on Rocky Mountain Christmas by Marty Bell. I am on page 4 out of 6 pages.

    Happy Stitching

  2. Thanks for your kind words, Linda! I will check out your latest project and more. Thanks for stopping by today. It sounds like you're making great progress, by the way. Four out of six is great!


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