January 28, 2013

Very Old Stitches

I was recently cleaning a closet in our home, and I came across a very old piece I stitched up so long ago. In fact, I gave the framed piece to my parents back in 1983. Thirty years ago! I recall quite well that when I bought the patterns in that particular pattern book (Alexa Designs-- Butterfly Fantasy) I was absolutely overwhelmed by the patterns' sheer size. This piece was one of the first 'big' pieces I'd attempted to complete. I also recall that as the mother of a young baby I had to use the colors I had at home, and most certainly did not run to the store to buy the exact, suggested colors for the butterfly.

Here are some photos of this old piece:

When I recently found this piece, I wasn't quite sure what to do with it.  It had been hidden in a closet for years, which seemed a bit sad to me. I decided to display it on top of an old antique dresser in the guest room.

Have you ever come across an old piece of needlework, or some other craft that's tucked away in a closet, or some such place? What did you do with it, once you found it?

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January 27, 2013

Embroidered Bed Cover

I recently received a beautiful gift from a dear family member. It's a lovely embroidered vintage European bed cover. I layed it on the antique bed that's in our guest room, and I love the colors of the cover and how they cheer the room.

I love how the corners' colors are different from one another. It makes it so much more unique, and whimsical to me.

Also, it's fun to see areas where color creativity really took hold:

I wonder who embroidered this piece,  where they lived, and when it was done. All I know is that originally it was purchased somewhere in Europe and then brought to the U.S.A.  to be sold at a huge vintage market held each year back in the Cape Cod area. Wherever it's from, and whatever its story might be--it's fun enjoying and appreciating it today! 

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January 8, 2013

Wedding Ring Bouquet- WIP

Wedding Ring Bouquet- WIP by Loves2Stitch2

        I actually have stitched.  It's the first time in months and months. I decided to pull out yet another one of my very old WIPs. I started this piece called "Wedding Ring Bouquet" by Paula Vaughan back in 2003. Oh my, that's almost ten years ago.
        I dare say though it's not my oldest WIP. At the time I started stitching it I was frequenting a cross stitch message board on a semi-regular basis. One of the frequent posters was a lady by the name of Diane. She'd stitched up so many Paula Vaughan patterns, and they were mostly stitched on  22 count hardanger fabric, over one thread. I loved looking at these completed designs with their muted, sweet colors.  One evening I just decided to start this one up, on a complete whim. I'd had the pattern for years, and thought, "Why not?"  So here we are, ten years later and a lifetime of change apart...still stitching away. 
       The photo above was taken two years ago. 

        Here are photos of the project taken today. I've worked a bit more on the quilt, and done some highly dreaded backstitching on the piece, too. There's a lot of white on this piece, and that also awaits me. 

        Because the piece is stitched on hardanger, it is quite small. I think that ten years later I can say that my eyes are not getting better with the passing of time, and I doubt I will attempt any more large patterns on 22 count hardanger fabric.  

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