January 8, 2013

Wedding Ring Bouquet- WIP

Wedding Ring Bouquet- WIP by Loves2Stitch2

        I actually have stitched.  It's the first time in months and months. I decided to pull out yet another one of my very old WIPs. I started this piece called "Wedding Ring Bouquet" by Paula Vaughan back in 2003. Oh my, that's almost ten years ago.
        I dare say though it's not my oldest WIP. At the time I started stitching it I was frequenting a cross stitch message board on a semi-regular basis. One of the frequent posters was a lady by the name of Diane. She'd stitched up so many Paula Vaughan patterns, and they were mostly stitched on  22 count hardanger fabric, over one thread. I loved looking at these completed designs with their muted, sweet colors.  One evening I just decided to start this one up, on a complete whim. I'd had the pattern for years, and thought, "Why not?"  So here we are, ten years later and a lifetime of change apart...still stitching away. 
       The photo above was taken two years ago. 

        Here are photos of the project taken today. I've worked a bit more on the quilt, and done some highly dreaded backstitching on the piece, too. There's a lot of white on this piece, and that also awaits me. 

        Because the piece is stitched on hardanger, it is quite small. I think that ten years later I can say that my eyes are not getting better with the passing of time, and I doubt I will attempt any more large patterns on 22 count hardanger fabric.  

        Thanks for stopping by today.


  1. Your hardwork is paying off! It looks lovely. :)


  2. Such a beautiful pattern. So glad you picked up the needle. Keep it up! One of these days I just might dig out my WIP/UFO...

    1. Thanks, K! I have another WIP/UFO that's even older. Remember that afghan? Uffda! Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

  3. Very pretty, I've always loved the coloring in her designs. As to the age of the WIP, I recently finished one I'd been working on even longer than this one of yours. Hang in there, it's looking beautiful and you'll have such a feeling of accomplishment when done. Everytime I pass my Trick or Treat Mice (yup it's a Halloween piece and I still have it hangint up,LOL) I do a happy dance :)


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