January 28, 2013

Very Old Stitches

I was recently cleaning a closet in our home, and I came across a very old piece I stitched up so long ago. In fact, I gave the framed piece to my parents back in 1983. Thirty years ago! I recall quite well that when I bought the patterns in that particular pattern book (Alexa Designs-- Butterfly Fantasy) I was absolutely overwhelmed by the patterns' sheer size. This piece was one of the first 'big' pieces I'd attempted to complete. I also recall that as the mother of a young baby I had to use the colors I had at home, and most certainly did not run to the store to buy the exact, suggested colors for the butterfly.

Here are some photos of this old piece:

When I recently found this piece, I wasn't quite sure what to do with it.  It had been hidden in a closet for years, which seemed a bit sad to me. I decided to display it on top of an old antique dresser in the guest room.

Have you ever come across an old piece of needlework, or some other craft that's tucked away in a closet, or some such place? What did you do with it, once you found it?

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  1. Very pretty! I have a few things stuffed away in dressers. I don't usually display them--I should--maybe prop them up on the dresser. Most are from my cute-stitching days and so don't really fit with my decorating now, so I've been figuring I'd save them to give to my kids.


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