March 9, 2014

Afghan WIP-- 19 down, 1 left

I started stitching on my Lady Elizabeth afghan in 1990. That's a long time ago. My children are now 30 and 27 years old. When I started it, they were 7 and 4.  That sure brings it home.

I hadn't stitched since early January, but a head cold forced me to stay home and miss out on some fun outings and instead work on paperwork for my job. When that was pretty much done, I felt motivated to drag out my afghan and get to it.

I pulled out the afghan, and on the square I started in January I found this

image by Loves2Stitch2

The problem was I had no idea where I got this pattern.  Many of the patterns on the afghan are from Sue Hillis' book called "Granny's Attic".  Other patterns are by Sam Hawkins, and others are little designs I drew on graph paper. I couldn't figure out what this pattern was, at all. I thankfully located this book I'd left on our coffee table, and lo and behold the pattern was in the book! Phew. Crisis averted!

image by Loves2Stitch2

I got busy stitching, and finished the square by the end of the evening.

image by Loves2Stitch2

I only have one square left, and then all 20 squares will be done. This afghan no longer matches our decorating style, so I plan on displaying it on a quilt rack in our guest room that has antique furniture in it.

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