March 24, 2013

Beautiful Views

I have a few days away from my job so I hope to get some stitching time into my schedule. I'll be busy with many other things besides my job, so we will see how it works out timewise. Years ago, it seemed I had a lot of free time for my hobby. Now it just isn't so easy to find the time.

I recently received this pattern as a gift.

It's Carriage House Samplings "Houses of Hawk Run Hollow". Isn't it lovely?

I need to buy some fabric and threads for it so I can get to work on it.  I haven't decided whether to use silks or regular DMC threads. Which would you choose? Has anyone seen it worked up in silk, in person? How about in DMC? What did you think of the pieces and the chosen fibers? Please do share your thoughts.

In the absence of any current stitching updates, I wanted to share some photos that we recently took of the local scenery. I love this one as it's a view of the far off big city, some twenty miles away. I can't believe how clear it was that day!
The next one is taken from the same spot, but facing in a different direction. I love the snow-capped mountains in the distance.

Thanks for stopping by today, and do let me know what you think of the sampler and whether silks or DMC would be better.

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  1. Yes its hard to find time to stitch! I make a point of finding at least a few minutes a day for my stitching, I'd go crazy otherwise!

    Great views!


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