May 27, 2018

Variegated Sampler Progress and Sarah Braizear 1829 Silks

It has been a busy few months.  I am a teacher and the school year will soon be over.  It has been a great year, but I am looking forward to vacation.  I miss my students at the end of each year, and thus at this time I feel that bittersweet emotion again.

My blogging life has been neglected. Alas, I am still here. I vow to return more often.

When I am not working and attending to life, I do find time to stitch here and there. I also watch Flosstube and watching these videos helps me indulge in my hobby when I am not actively involved in it.  On top of that I listen to Fibertalk as I commute to work, and that is enjoyable as well.

In the end of March we took a family road trip to Yosemite.  The beauty was amazing and awe inspiring. We hope to return there soon. Lovely place to go!

I also embarked on a new project around that time.  I love Instagram and get some stitching fix from hanging out there.  While looking through IG one day I happened upon a gal who was stitching a sampler I first adored thirty years ago.  It is the Variegated Sampler from the magazine CSCC.  The issue with the sampler is the March/April 1988 issue.  I recall wanting to stitch this piece when I first saw it, but you know how that goes.  So with the encouragement of other stitchers and the SAL group for the sampler on Facebook, I started this piece.

As luck would have it (and due to the encouragement of my then teenage daughter, who is now over thirty) I had purchased a package of variegated floss years ago.  I had all the required colors for the project.  I had used some of my variegated floss for various surface embroidery endeavors, so in the case of one color I relied on my DMC color chart.  I was able to match up some shades so that I could blend in colors and thus use just one strand of the 95 variegated color.  What fun it was to use that color chart, as always!

Here is my progress as of this morning:
And a bit more close up:

It has been a fun stitch!

In other stitchy news, I joined the Sarah Braizear 1829 SAL that was initiated by the podcast Fibertalk.  There's a group on facebook for it if this interests you.  I have my pattern now, as well as the silk floss.  Isn't it gorgeous?

I ordered and received my pattern and silk floss from Sassy Jacks Stitchery.  What a nice experience this has been! I am just awaiting the fabric, which is on back order. Evidently the SAL has created a worldwide shortage of silks and fabric.  I believe at this point the SAL group on facebook has over 600 members.  The pattern is gorgeous, and Sarah will be a big girl.  I will be stitching her on 36 count fabric, one thread over two.  I can't wait to get started and hope to get my fabric soon. We will see. If I don't, I sure have plenty of other projects that await my needle.

Thanks for stopping by today.


  1. I remember that sampler!!! I was so impressed with it, seeing it in my Mom's magazines when I was younger. Do you remember the Joan Elliott Angel sampler she designed for DMC's Anniversary, that used all the available colours then? That impressed me too. I love your progress! The birds are so pretty. I recently joined Instagram too, there's ton of inspiration on there! I'm hoping to get back to my blog again too, it's wonderful to read your posts again :)

  2. I am glad you recall this sampler! Yes, I remember the angel one, too. Thanks for your kind words.


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