March 19, 2018

Houses of Hawk Run Hollow - WIP

It sure is slow progress on Houses of Hawk Run Hollow.

Last time I shared a photo it looked like
this .

I have worked on it just a tiny bit since I was mostly focusing on the mystery sampler, ornament, and life in general.  I wish I had more time to stitch, but someday when I retire I will, right?

Here is the piece as of last evening:

Thanks for stopping by today.


  1. You are really coming along on this one...I think I have this pattern in my Stash somewhere.

    Keep up with your Beautiful Progress on this.

    Happy Stitching XX

    Linda K, Buttercup

  2. Hahaha. Good luck with the magic retirement time. So far I'm finding it fills up quickly, and not with what I had planned.

    I always enjoy when you stop by Debi Stitches so wanted to let you know that I am completely blocked out of the my blog. I think it's a google glitch, as it affects everything tied to the email address I was using. So far I've been able to start over again with several sites and have copy/pasted all of Debi Stitches into a Word document. For now I've started a new blogger blog (Debi Stitches Again ) but don't know how long I'll stay with google since they are not easy to work with when they screw up. Meanwhile, thanks for sticking with me so far and I'll be checking in here from time to time.

  3. I had to move Debi Stitches to Wordpress because of a google glitch with an email address. (A friend had the same problem at the same time, so it's not me.) I have so valued our stitcher relationship that I wanted to contact you directly. Hope you get this. Debi


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