May 5, 2013

A Wonderful DMC Resource

Embroidery Floss by Loves2Stitch2
Embroidery Floss, a photo by Loves2Stitch2 on Flickr. Photo taken several years ago at our previous home.

I did stitch a bit a week ago, but this week hasn't brought any more time spent with needle in hand. I think about my current stitching project off and on during the work day, and the anticipation of working on it gets me through the work day faster. I do love my job, but even with that being said I do need a mental 'push' to get me through the long hours from time to time.  Do you ever do this 'mental anticipation thing' to get through work or tasks at home? And like me do you find once you get the free time you are too exhausted to even work on anything?

To add to the tired factor, it's the end of the year for us where I work, so that means more piles of paperwork in the evening, and that too cuts into any hobby time.

Speaking of our hobby, I am excited that this morning I stumbled upon this resource for the DMC colors. I do have an actual color chart with the threads, but this digital version will come in handy too.

Happy Stitching to all of you!

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