September 23, 2015

More Progress on Quaker Diamonds

I put my stitching aside for a few weeks, and my lack of progress attests to this needle-free time.  I have plenty of time to stitch right now, but it has been so hot that it is difficult to tackle.  Finally I stitched a bit yesterday, so I am sharing my long last.

Here is how it looked more or less the last time I posted:

I have now started working on the motif below the letter "M".  There are lots of color changes on this motif, so my progress is slow.  I usually watch television as I stitch so this hampers fast stitching as I often times stop to watch the show.

Here are the latest photos:

I still just have three WIPs, and this is the 'newest' one at three years from start date. (I think?) My other two WIPs were started in 2002 and 2003 or so.  I am a slow sticher, there's no doubt.  I think about starting something new, but am determined to finish at least one of these older projects before acquiring more of them.

Thanks for stopping by today.


  1. You made some nice progress on your WIP.

  2. Quaker Diamonds is just lovely! The colors are absolutely stunning! You have made wonderful progress and your stitching is beautiful :-)


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