October 23, 2014

Too Busy

I spent 14 years at home raising my children.  I loved it! They were truly the most rewarding years of my life, and the most relaxing. Were there hard days? Yes. Were there financial sacrifices? Yes. We had very little materially. On the other hand,  I got to structure my day and time.   Our house was comfortably clean, dinners were planned and prepared, and almost each day I stitched a bit at some point in the waking hours.

When our kids were in high school, I went back to school for graduate education and thus began the start of my 'second' career.  I've been at my chosen career now for 15 years, or 19  years if one counts the time spent doing part time work in my field.  It hasn't gotten easier, it's gotten more complicated and exhausting.  This year has been particularly difficult.

I miss my SAHM days.  My career is rewarding, but it is extremely demanding. No time to stitch lately.

With that being said, today I am sharing some photos of an autumn day. I love fall with its rich colors and crispness in the air.  These photos were taken at Disneyland a year or so ago:
The Train Station--Upon Arriving Through the Main Gate

Charming Lampposts on Main Street, USA

The Haunted Mansion- decorated in "Nightmare Before Christmas" style

Another View of the Haunted Mansion

Main Street Decked Out in Fall Colors

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