October 12, 2014

Fall ---Embroidery at the Fair

I wish I had been stitching lately. Sadly, I think I have stitched only one hour in the past month. My job has taken a turn and that change means hours more work for me at home daily.  It is just the way it is.

We did go to the neighboring county's fair a few weeks ago.  Unfortunately, there aren't many crafts featured in this county fair anymore. There are millions of people living in the county, but very few enter crafts in the fair. I don't think people craft too much at all out here! I did manage to snap a photo of one entry. It's an embroidered elephant, and I thought it was charming and beautiful. I am sorry I do not know the embroiderer's name.

Another fun photo from the fair is featured below. No, we didn't eat this food but I love the bright colors of these types of fair stands.

Since it's finally feeling like fall around here, yesterday I placed a few fall decorations around the house.  No photos to share of that, my efforts were rather scant.

I hope you get some stitching in today.  It's back to work for my job now.

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