June 18, 2013

Love & Embroidery

I have been able to work on my afghan a few times this past week. A progress photo will come soon, as I've finished another square and have started the next one. I think that means that 15/20 squares of this afghan are completed now! Maybe.

Most of the time this week I have been too busy to stitch. Our home has been filled with great times of extended family visiting, as well as closer family members.  How sweet it is to be with people we have known our entire lives, and feel right at home even though we haven't seen each other in years. Yesterday was busy with my daughter , niece, and their children coming to visit. It's a new kind of energy when four children between the age of one and six are enjoying each other in one's home.  I also take care of my son's little dog during the day in the summer, so more energy is added to the mix in this place we call home.

I have always loved quotations, and I also love embroidery.  What better than to place a wonderful quote that speaks of embroidery's shiny stitches and love onto a piece that my daughter stitched many years ago. It speaks well to letting love carry you, even through the darkest times.  I placed the words on Mirabilia's Titania, which my daughter stitched for my niece as a wedding gift.

Thanks for stopping by today. Soon I'll post a progress picture of that afghan.


  1. What a lovely quote, I hadn't heard that one before! Your daughter does lovely stitching too, it must run in the family :)

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words, Aurelia!


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