June 23, 2013

That Afghan Started Way Back When

It's been a busy week with celebrations, fun outings, and great visits with friends and family. Summer is a wonderful time to relax and feel refreshed, isn't it?

Even though it's been busy around here, I am happy to report that I've had the chance to do a bit more stitching. I just finished two more squares on my afghan that was started back in 1990. Yes, that was 23 years ago. Here is what I have added in the past several days:

This is from Sue Hillis' Granny's Attic book. I love this one, but I did leave off the flourishy pink ribbon that was on top of it. I'm feeling lazy, I guess.

This is from Sam Hawkins' 501 Crosstitch Designs book. I changed the colors to match Sue Hillis' color scheme.

Earlier this month, I added this part. This is an adaptation of Karen Kluba's Quaker Diamonds pattern, with the colors changed here as well to match the afghan tones.

Here's a few more I took tonight of the entire afghan:

I've now stitched 15 out of 20 squares in this piece. I'm 75% done with it. Hurrah!

Thanks for stopping by today.


  1. Your afghan is looking lovely, you're making great progress :) The little rose is especially pretty!

  2. The afghan is beautiful! You're almost there!


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