September 5, 2011


The future belongs to those who believe in the power of their dreams.
— Eleanor Roosevelt

I have always loved quotations. They inspire me, and make me think. My love of quotations goes back to childhood.  I actually preferred non-fiction reading as a child, and I still do!

Non-fiction is what was actually more available to read in our home, so maybe that explains it. On the other hand, I often start reading novels to this day and find I just don't get drawn into the book.  Do any of you have that problem? On the other hand, at times I get so drawn in that I can barely put a book down. That's an entirely different problem.

Other problems have prevented me from liking novels. One time when I was a child I tried to read Pippi Longstocking, and I couldn't get into it because I couldn't figure out how to pronounce Pippi's name. I don't know why I just didn't ask someone, but I instead put the book down.  If I had asked my mom, she would have told me to "Look it up." Perhaps that too explains my love of non-fiction books. I became a constant friend of the dictionary and encyclopedia set in our house since "Look it up" was constantly heard. I think it's okay to tell a kid to "Look it up". It encourages independence, and also great investigative skills.

One of the books on our family book shelves that I did read often was Bartlett's Famous Quotations.  I also loved reading my brother's books on travel around the world (with all those wonderful maps), as well as my mom's nursing textbooks. The latter choice probably wasn't such a good one, as it was rather scary reading about diseases at such a young age (and seeing photos of them, too).

Later today I think I'll work on the tea towel set (Sublime Stitching) I'm embroidering as a housewarming gift. Here is the latest progress picture of one of them:

Tea Towel by loves2stitch2
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  1. I love books and I love libraries, the old one, where the floor creaks when you walk, with high shelves full of books, if the Hogwarts library would be perfect! : lol:
    Sometimes I prefer historical novels, other fiction, depends on my mood. Lovely sublime stitchin.

  2. Thanks for being my first follower!

    As you know, I am a great lover of books! I have read all my life. Occasionally I find it hard to "get into" and book - but, happily - there is always another nearby!


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