September 4, 2011

TUSAL Update

ORT jar by loves2stitch2

This month's update is ready, long at last!

There was a bit of a crisis this morning as I couldn't locate my ORT jar! I almost resorted to starting over with that, too, along with my blog. Thankfully it was located, and you can see the progress in the photo above. In reality, I didn't have any time to stitch since my last update. There was too much to do, plain and simple, to find any time for stitching. 

I am SURE I will find time this upcoming month, right?

Thanks for stopping by today.  


  1. i am glad to see your new blog. have a great week!.

  2. I love the ORT jar idea! Imagine what they would look like if we'd always kept one! I hope to join the group in the new year. That would be a great motivation for me to really get stitching again.

    Maybe I will start by finding just the right container...

  3. Halleluja!! Another Ort collector. I recently used some of mine to stuff a very small object and I was really impressed with how dense is was, so much better than poly fibrefill.

    Beautiful work by the way, love to stitch but I'm a little slow......

    Tania in Aust.


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