January 27, 2018

LHN Ornament and Lizzie Kate Update

So I don't have stitching goals, but I did decide to veer off a bit from my very few WIPs. 

I started to partake in a facebook group's weekend stitchalong.  I spent a lovely evening looking through my various JCS ornament issue to find all the LHN and CCN patterns within the ones I have.  I found some very lovely ones, but decided to stitch one called Woodland Snowfall. 

I am stitching this little ornament on 36 count fabric, using one thread over two.  The fabric I am using is lighter than the model for this piece, so I thus changed some of the colors to better suit the fabric. 

I haven't had any time to stitch in almost two weeks now, but I hope to get to it soon.

Here it is-

I had time to work on the Lizzie Kate Spirit of Christmas Mystery Sampler last month.  I am now on Part Two of this fun holiday piece.

Here it is-

It is coming along rather nicely, and it is a fun stitch.

Today I went with a dear friend to meet another long time friend for a meal in a city a bit of a distance away.  After our meal, us two stitching friends returned to our local area and then visited our local stitching store.  I got to show her a piece that I adore called Fractur Flowers by La D Da.

 I had  bought the pattern earlier this week, and it is thus added to my large list of  STD "stitching to be done" projects.  I had suggested the term STD one time to a facebook group where the administrators asked for stitching acronyms, but for some reason my suggestion wasn't added to their list. I thought it was kind of a fun term, but I guess it could offend some. I thought too that it had a double meaning as well because STDs (stitching to be done) tend to be infectious, and others seem to 'catch' them too. Enough on that! 

Here is a photo of it, although the shop had a model and pictures truly do not do this beauty justice!

Thanks for stopping by today, and happy stitching! 

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  1. Your Stitching is so pretty..I love Lizzie Kate Patterns...I have a few of them myself.

    Happy Stitching
    Linda K, Buttercup


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