November 12, 2017

Mystery Sampler Update

At this point all three Lizzie Kate Mystery Sampler parts have been released.  I have seen the finished piece, and I look forward to getting there eventually.

I am still working on Part One.  Life is so, so busy.

When I can't stitch, I enjoy watching Flosstube videos and looking at great stitching photos on Instagram.  Recently I have discovered Fibertalk and that podcast is enjoyable as well. These activities help me get my stitching fix, but just a bit.

Here is a bit of progress:

In other news, I was extremely touched to receive a gift from a former student.  He is now just seven years old, and I taught him last year when he was just in first grade.  While he was visiting Mexico last summer he and his mom bought a lovely breadcloth for me.  This sweet little boy knew I liked stitching, and birds. I will treasure this gift always. I love the bright colors and motif.  I can only imagine how hard some young or lady worked to stitch this piece.

Thanks for stopping by today. 


  1. What a lovely gift. And so thoughtful for a kid that age. I bet it feels great to know that YOU made a difference in his life. Kudos to you!!! Your LK is looking good too. I love the colors in that. Especially the pinks. I have a twelve part SAL that I've done the border on (not a part at all) and most of part one. Then I realized that the border is totally messed up, and needs to come out. Wahhhhh... So you're doing better than I am, by far.

    1. Thanks for your comment, mdgtjulie! I do feel very honored that he thought of me, you are right. I am so sorry about your border SAL error, is there any way you can work around the mistake instead of frogging it? Just a thought. I heard once that the Quakers call this a 'humble stitch'. I have an error on my Quaker Diamonds, and it is kind of noticeable but no one has noticed it just the same. :) Thanks for stopping by here.


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