January 26, 2016

New WIP- At Last! Mary Ann Blackburn by Blackbird Designs

I truly have not started a new project since 2012.  Can that be true? I think so.  I am not overly fond of gathering up items for a project.  I know that is unusual as many have said they LOVE to kit up new projects. Anyway. since I only had two WIPs, (that are super old) I decided to start something new. I was happy to get this book:

This is the first pattern I am stitching by Blackbird Designs.  I so love their patterns!

Here is my fabric with the threads I'll be using.  A few of the threads are substitutions as my local store did not carry all the 'called for' colors. We found nice colors to take their place.  The store I shop at is great, and they're very helpful with this sort of thing.  I also chose a 28 count fabric, and I think the color is mocha, or light mocha perhaps. I felt many different linens, but I chose this one as it was softer than many of the others.

Here is the design I'm stitching.

It's going really well, and here are some progress pictures: 

I see now that the colors on my project look nothing like the leaflet, but that is perhaps a photo thing. Either way, I am pleased with these colors.

Thanks for stopping by today, and happy stitching! 


  1. Nope, re the colours, that's a Blackbird thing, lol. I have seen comments before on this and seen it with my BBD projects.

    Love the start and well done on the substitutions too.

    1. Thanks, Gillie. Glad to know it's not just me regarding the colors and BBD projects. :) Happy Stitching!

  2. This is going to be so beautiful...wow...love the colors...great progress so far. Happy Stitching.

  3. No new starts since 2012 - you must have been starving, lol. You chose a wonderful design for your first new start after all these years. And you have already stitched a lot on it.

    1. Yes, Brigitte, I was starving. I think I'll have to look for another start, in fact. Happy Stitching!


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