October 27, 2015

Save Your Orts and Quaker Diamonds Progress

I have been enjoying myself lately by stitching A LOT more on a regular basis. I feel very lucky to have free time to do this right now, but I know it will not last forever.

While enjoying my stitch time, I realized one morning that I was running low on a particular color required for my Quaker Diamonds. This is the one I've been working on for months. What happened to the 'withered green' color? I really couldn't say, but I didn't want to order more Valdani threads as there wasn't really THAT much green left to do.   What to do? I looked at corresponding DMC colors but I didn't want to mix them into the project.

I went into my ORT vase, and lo and behold I was able to find a lot of small strands of withered green (H202)  that I was able to use. I completed all the green required, and I think I have enough tiny pieces of green to finish one small little section.  In fact, some of the ORT threads were so long that I couldn't see why they were even in the ORT vase. Live and learn!

I've also gone from using my frame with Q-snaps, to stitching in hand, to using hoops, and now back again to the stand.  It's great to have all these options. For years and years I only stitched in hand.

Here was the piece before my latest stitch sessions:

And here it is a few days ago:

I took this one today, as yesterday I was able to work about more on the motif in the bottom right corner: 

I think at this point I have completed 21/26 letters, but I still have to finish this motif, complete another small motif, and finish one more motif that is above this one. That's it, except for a few tiny stitch designs here and there.  

Keep in mind I started this in 2013. I am not one to finish things quickly, but that is fine. I did have three finishes in 2014, so for me that is a victory. 

Thanks for stopping by, and do remember to save your ORTs.  


  1. Quel merveilleux blog!un travail splendide,j'aime beaucoup.
    De France je vous envoie mes amitiés
    Marie Christine

  2. You are making great progress on your WIP...I love the colors that you are using....

    Happy Stitching
    Linda K, Railroad

    1. Thanks! They are the Valdani threads, as shown on the chart. My first time ever veering away from DMC. :)

  3. Beautiful! Yes, sometimes I go fishing in the orts to find just enough to finish

    1. Well believe it or not I hadn't saved orts until the last few years. Glad I did, and it looks like I may have to dive for more with the dark blue color. Thanks for your kind compliment.

  4. It looks lovely! I bet all those orts look so pretty too - the colours in this one are gorgeous :)


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