January 19, 2015

Summer Queen-- Almost Done!

As promised , I worked on my Summer Queen. I have been battling a virus, and when I felt well enough to actually stitch I decided it was a great time to do so.  I discovered, quite happily, that I had very little left to do--pretty much only a bit of beading was left, in fact. Why had I put this away for so long? I literally hadn't worked on this piece in almost five years. Unacceptable!  Now that I have a lap stand, I found it MUCH EASIER than when I did the beading in hand, or with Q-Snaps alone.

I did drop a few bead cases full of lots of beads a few times and had to spend a fair amount of time picking them up. Sigh... I lost a nice beading needle, too, and hope I find it before someone's bare foot comes in contact with it.

I was able to slowly string one long strand of beads and attach them to the dress, but I have two strands left  to do after my bead order arrives. Somehow I ran out of the necessary colors!  This process of stringing them took me some time as I don't have the cool beading accessories that I perhaps should have at my disposal. So be it.

I also had to redo some of the beads I'd done on the head so long ago. I found out I'd actually started this piece in the summer of 2003.

Here it is:

Bead Strand Added

Full View with One Bead Strand Attached

Thanks so much for stopping by today.


  1. Love how this looks with the added beads! Beautiful stitching. :-)

  2. She is just beautiful. We put away WIPs for the most compelling (at the time) and later on the strangest reasons. So glad you picked her back up! :-)


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