August 17, 2014

Antique Sampler Framed

Several years ago I found an old and damaged sampler in a drawer at my parents' house.  It was amazing to me as this spot sampler had a red floral design in the lower right corner, just as I had put a red floral design in the bottom corner of a sampler I put together and finished in 2009. I put this design in my sampler one hundred fifty years later--and BEFORE I saw the antique spot sampler, ever. Amazing to me!  You can read more about that and see the comparison of the two samplers here.

The antique sampler was stitched by my Great-Great Grandma when she was around ten years old, across the ocean in Switzerland before she and her family moved to this continent.

I finally got it to our wonderful framer, and I am so  happy to see it displayed in our home.

The Spinning Wheel and Armoire are also from the 1800's

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