December 8, 2013

Holiday Season Fun

I stitched these two stockings over the course of several years, and I was delighted to take them out for another holiday season.  They're still not properly hung, but nonetheless I love to see them on top of our armoire.

The Holiday Workshop stocking is my son's stocking. The other stocking is mine--it's a long story as to why, but we'll just leave it at that! I loved stitching them, and originally I  had wanted to do one for all in our family. (These stockings were featured in the wonderful magazine called Cross Stitch and Country Crafts.) I counted the hours spent on one of them, and it added up to 180 hours of stitching time for one stocking.   For that reason, I kept it to just a few stockings.  I'm a slow stitcher, I think!

Last weekend I even stitched a bit on the afghan I started back in 1990. It sounds almost laughable, doesn't it--started in 1990--or was it 1989? I just can't give up on finishing it. Progress pictures are coming soon.

Yesterday we did our annual holiday baking day at my brother's house. We had loads of fun, and lots of treats will greet our holiday visitors...and we'll enjoy many special sweet cookies and confections, too!

Here's a photo from a previous year's baking session-

I hope that you too are enjoying the holiday season, and getting in some much needed stitching time. Thanks for stopping by today.

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  1. I love your stockings!!! I have the magazines with the patterns too, my mother collected them, and I have always liked that design series :) I've intending to stitch the sewing room one for my Mom for years but have never got around to it! I'm a slow stitcher too ;) And your time tally doesn't surprise me at all - there's a TON of stitching involved in those since the entire area is covered. I'm just surprised it didn't take longer LOL. Your baking looks yummy too, that's a marvelous tradition and it sounds like lots of fun! Happy Holidays to you too :)


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