November 11, 2013

Afgan WIP update

image by Loves2Stitch2
image, a photo by Loves2Stitch2 on Flickr.
I still haven't stitched, but I finally am sharing some stitching progress from last summer.

I started this afghan in 1990. That seems incredible! My son and daughter were just children then, and now they're grown up people! More on the afghan here, if you are so inclined to know.

I worked on the afghan off and on this past summer, and above shows the start of the 18th square. That means I only have 2 and a half squares left. Hurrah! The square above will be a flower basket when completed.

Here is a photo that shows it next to another recently completed square. I changed up the original design for that completed square and added the words "Think and Smile". I like this expression and use it with my students, so it seemed fitting to place it here.

image by Loves2Stitch2

A closer view of "Think and Smile":
image by Loves2Stitch2

My dear friend Kathe lent me a pattern book she had by Pat Rogers that contained some beautiful letter motifs. I adapted some of the designs for the afghan to represent my husband and my initials for a monogram design.

image by Loves2Stitch2

Hope to get back to this old gem soon. I am still amazed that I started it 23 years ago. Never give up, right?

Thanks for stopping by today.

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