July 30, 2013

Afghan Progress--Slow and Steady

A little more than a month ago I wrote about the afghan I started so very long ago. I've managed to complete two more squares since then, and am working on yet another square. After I finish the present square's work, I believe there are just three more left. (or is it two...who's counting?) There are twenty squares all together.

One of the squares I completed uses a design from a book I borrowed from a very dear friend, and it includes a monogram. I used my husband's and my initials on it.  The other square I came up with and charted myself. It's very simple, as you might guess. Right now I am working on a flower basket square from Sue Hillis' Granny's Attic book. I'm so loving that one!

Some progress photos are coming soon. Thanks for stopping by today.


  1. Some projects are just like that - slow and steady - but worth it! Glad you're making progress on your afghan, can't wait to see your finish :) The idea of using a monogram square is a lovely one!

  2. Hello

    just found your blog.
    Your afghan looks lovely!
    Happy weekend (:


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