April 22, 2013

Quaker Diamonds- A New Start

A very dear friend is going to be working on the same project as me!  The piece is called  Quaker Diamonds, and it's designed by Karen Kluba.

About a month ago my friend and I visited a new needlework shop not far from where I live, and we both fell in love with this model in the shop. It sang out to both of us, and it seemed only right that we work on this, together. We're having a 'stitch a long', some 65 miles apart.

We had to order the Valdani threads this project requires, and I had to order some fabric. The fabric I chose is a 28 count lambswool linen. Our beautiful threads arrived Friday after much anticipation and excitement on our part.

I finished off the raw fabric with a whip stitch last night,  and I decided to stitch a few x's on it as well.  A progress photo will be coming soon, when there's a few more x's to show. It's going to be such a fun stitch!

The Valdani threads and the fabric I chose~

The design~

Thanks for stopping by today. 


  1. Very pretty pattern and Valdani floss is gorgeous. I just like looking at the beautiful colors all boxed up together. Looking forward to seeing your progress!

  2. I have had this kitted up for a long time, maybe I should start too!

  3. The colors for Quaker Diamonds are so beautiful! You'll have so much fun stitching this one!


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