December 23, 2011

Glad To Be Back

I am sure this is the longest I have gone in not posting at all on this little blog.

Here I am again, and I wish I had stitching updates to share. The truth is that I haven't stitched in months now.  I hope to start stitching again soon, however, and I am ever hopeful of that!

We have moved to a new city, so that has been a huge undertaking.  We lived in our old home for 22 years, so it was emotional to sell it and move on to a different place. We've been here now a month, and it is beginning to feel more like home.  I loved our former home,  but we now are happy its new owners are so elated to be there. Time now to make more wonderful memories in a new space.

I am now a commuter, and for the first time in 26 years my husband has but a short drive to work. That makes me happy, as it's so much better for him.

Tomorrow will be a busy day. I'll be making chili for Christmas Eve Dinner, and homemade bread pudding for dessert. Today I prepared candied orange peels that I will use to garnish the cake for Christmas Day.  It's a Norwegian Orange Cake.  The cake includes bits of rich, dark chocolate. Delish!

Merry Christmas to you and yours, and hope to come back soon with a stitching update.


  1. well, it took me a while, but I found you !
    now I must remember to put you new blog adress in my blogroll..................I somehow know I´m going to forget...........

    hope you had a really nice christmas !

  2. These are, thanks to you, the favorite cookies in our household! Jessica requested the recipe this year as she has a navel orange tree in her backyard. Yummy!


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